Bridging Fiesta 2015
OASIS is honored to invite you to 2015 Bridging Fiesta themed FIRE AND ICE on Saturday, April 4 at IMU Ballroom! Whether you want to get heated or cool down, this year’s event will be perfect for you and for people of all ages! We are excited for this to be one of the best multicultural events on campus all year!
On October 25th, 2014 OASIS held it's annual Cultural ball. Armed with photographers, dance instructors, performances and magic this event was a HUGE success.
With the 2014 fall semester winding to a close and finals fast approaching some members of the OASIS family set out to the Washington Paws & More Animal Shelter. There they found a plethora of new friends! 
On December 5th, 2014 the outstanding members of OASIS went for a night out at Colonial Lanes! After a semester of hard work and planning this night helped the group relax and prepare for the tremendous events we will be hosting this coming semester.  
Members of OASIS posing for a picture during a Cold Stone Shift
A key component to OASIS' success is it's ability to fundraise money. Last semester members of the organization volunteered their time to scoop out ice cream for students and families alike at Cold Stone Creamery, located at 39 S. Dubuque Street.
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